#1444 AMT Dongle software activation for Infinity Box/Dongle, [BEST], CDMA-Tool


Instruction: After order become COMPLETED you should update Smart-Card firmware

Enter S/N (8 symbols like 12345678) and click to Order

For More Details visit Developer Website


AMT-Dongle software activation 25% discount extended up to 18 Nov 2020

More info - www.infinity-box.com/support/?r=100125
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As you all know your Infinity Dongle has some kind of additional features and as result you can activate more software for your Infinity dongle. One more additional option is at your service now.
From now AMT-Dongle software can be activated for all Infinity products- Infinity-Box/Dongle, Infinity [BEST], Infinity CDMA-Tool

How to activate:

Login to your IOS account
go to "Products"
go to "AMT Dongle products"
select "AMT Dongle software activation for Infinity"
enter your Infinity S/N (8 symbols)
confirm order
as soon as you will see that order completed you should run Infinity DongleManager and update your Infinity smart-card firmware


Delivery time: 1-6 HURS

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API