#4230 Scorpion Tool 1 Year Startup - Activation [Digital license]



All you need is Scorpion Tool and a USB cable to get to work!

Requires little to no integration, no extra hardware needed! Simply download Scorpion Tool and you are set!

Flash Firmware

Flash Firmware Directly To Devices Unbrick,Repair Dead Boot

Read And Restore Backup

Make Flashble Firmware Read And Write Single Partitions.

Format Partition

You Can Do Erase,Format,Recreate Temp Partition.

Read Flash Info

You Can Read Device Information Directly Throw BROM Mode .

Unlock Bootloader

Unlock Bootloader Instanly Without Lose Data.

Relock Bootloader

Relock Bootloader Instanly Without Lose Data.

Factory Reset Misc

This Method Allow You To Make A Factory Reset Like The Official Method

Factory Reset Safe

Making a Temp Userdata Partition Maybe You'll Need This Method With Old Models

Factory Reset (Keep Media)

This Option Allow You To Perform Factory Reset And Keep User Files.

Erase FRP

Reset And Remove Factory Reset Protection (Google Account).

Repair IMEI

You Can Restore The Original IMEI Numbers.

Patch CERT

Patch Certificate Repair Damaged Security Files.


Delivery time: 1-60 Minut

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API