#213 MF - Xiaomi Fix Pro Credits - Refill to old account - Auth Flash, EDL, FRP, EFS Reset


Tutorial Flashing! http://mifixpro.com/

How to do Flashing? Because its original miflash with power of MiFixPro.Com Authentication its easy like use miflash.

Step 1:Open XiaoMiFlash.exe at rar files.
Step 2:Check images and make sure the file are ok.
Step 3:Load at XiaoMiFlash.exe and Phone going EDL, and if you don't want to open back part, you can use Fastboot to EDL Service.
Step 4:Click Flash and wait for authentication to appear.
Step 5:Login with your username and password, then click authentication once and wait for the flashing process to run!
Support stock flashing firmware.
Support Eng Factory Firmware.
Support Mi Account/FRP or EFS Reset File (We will provide if you cannot find it on any website).

How to make the file be OK?

-For make sure only 1 auth used, you can check at images firmware folder.
-Check if firmware have provision.xml , provision_samsung.xml, provision_samsung.xml please delete otherwise auth will ask 2 time and credit will use 2 also.

Delivery time: 1-20 min

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API