#3529 Samsung USA Nck + Defreeze Only (AT&T/Cricket/Xfinity/Spectrum) Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra (read Description)


How to place an order?

  • This service need IMEI to process your order 

  • Get IMEI of your device & write correctly in the IMEI field 

  • Do not Write incorrect IMEI.

Maximum Delivery Time:

  • 01-03 Working Days

Delay warning

  • Sometimes due to technical issues, service will delay in this case you need to cooperate with us.
  • AT&T

  • Cricket

  • Xfinity

  • Spectrum


Supported Models


  • Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra

  • This works for Galaxy S21 G991u S21+ G996u S21 Ultra G998u  from any Usa network that asks for code,basically AT&T Xfinity Spectrum.

  • NCK & PCK Only


  • Please Must Check Device is Asking For Code Before Place Order.

  • Please Check Device is Not Rooted And Locked On This Network

  • This is an Auto API Service. Orders will Go in Process immediately after Submission.

  • In Process IMEI Not Possible To Cancel Please Do not Do A Mistake While Order.

  • Sometimes Due To Some Global Issue Orders Gone Delay Please Cooperate Us And Do Not

        Force For Cancellation In This Case.

How to verify order:

  • In Case Of Any issue please submit a ticket with order number & carrier check report

Important Note

Strictly NO REFUND for wrong submissions!non Samsung or Junk IMEI

 If you submit Wrong IMEI or even send a NON Samsung IMEI you will receive Junk Code and will pay full price for

There is no refund if we deliver the code but you can not use it because the phone is not asking for unlock code with a sim from a different carrier!

First, try the Network code when the phone asks for unlock code with a different SIM, and if not working or it asks for PUK CODE, factory reset it, insert the Defreeze code (even if seems that is not accepting it, is OK) and after use the Nck code and should work.


Delivery time: 1-3 Days

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual